christopher todd 

Chris Todd

Managing Partner

Chris is Managing Partner and leader of Hammer Haley’s Denver, CO operation.

With his own background in organizational change management, Chris brings a unique perspective to the issues of executive leadership.

He joined Hammer Haley in the fall of 2002 after serving as Owner Liaison for the construction of Gillette Stadium, a $350MM+, privately financed venture that serves as the home of the New England Patriots and New England Revolution.

Prior to his stadium stint, Chris was VP of Operations for a $50MM start-up that was eventually sold to Herlitz International Trading. Chris remained with the organization throughout the ownership changes, playing an active role in the stewardship of back-office, service, technical, budgetary, planning and 3rd party consulting relationships.

A graduate of Pomona College, Chris was also an elite Interagency Hotshot Crew member for the United States Forest Service before beginning his corporate career at Fidelity Investments.