HammerHaley: A Brief History

Hammer Haley was formed out of the belief that there was an unmet need in the marketplace:

A retained search firm that truly understood the unique perspectives of both exceptional candidates and extraordinarily successful organizations.  Candidates who combine high-level strategic, analytical and managerial skills -- and firms that have created the meritocratic environments where those individuals flourish.

Now, over ten years later, the proof of our original concept is there. The secrets of our success?

We know our candidates: An extraordinary educational pedigree. A broad, transferable skill set.  And a record of performance.

We know what drives them: A desire to put those skills into practice. A desire to make decisions rather than recommendations. And a desire for a C-level career trajectory.

But most importantly, we know what our clients need: Long-term, strategic relationships. Clearly defined parameters. And the ability to conduct high-speed, full-field searches that deliver outstanding candidates.