Early Career

With our No Followers philosophy combined with a laser focus on specific academic credentials and historical experiences, Hammer Haley is uniquely positioned to assist top employers in building your next generation of leaders. We establish relationships with select, high-potential individuals early in their ascension - some while still in their pre-MBA stage, most as they proceed through top business schools.

Only now, in 2012, are we commercializing these early career relationships into a mainstream service offering. Whether solving for one discreet hire or seeking multiple hires to build on an incoming class, Hammer Haley has the market access and candidate-availability knowledge to execute on your behalf.

We get it. Your hiring requirements and initiatives don’t always sync with the campus recruiting clock. Business is fluid and just-in-time recruiting is a market reality. We work proactively with top schools, current students and post-graduates. Regardless of your timing, Hammer Haley is well positioned to deliver various career levels within the Candidate Elite.