A community of diversity

With our No Followers philosophy, and our laser focus on specific academic credentials and professional experience, Hammer Haley is often called upon to assist organizations in achieving their diversity goals.

It's not a question of quotas – it's a matter of quality. Just as the top-tier MBA programs and best-of-breed employers are driving to be ever-more inclusive, our Candidate Elite represents an increasingly broad palette of skills and talents, of gender, ethnic and geographic backgrounds, of various physical abilities, of cultural and personal experiences civilian and military.

We can work proactively, alerting you to high-performance, high-potential diversity candidates as they become available. By understanding your firm's strategic plans and desired skill sets, we can make sure that you have the opportunity to immediately review elite diversity talent when these individuals become open to making a career move.

Alternatively, there may be situations where management has specifically requested a diversity professional for a particular role. In those cases, by partnering with you in a retained search relationship, you'll be assured of seeing exceptional candidates.