The Conundrum of Customer Strategy
Mike Gozon   
January 2012

Big Data web

Customer Strategy is all the rage. More specifically, customer strategy through the analytical lens of mobile and social data files.

Of course, Hammer Haley loves this long-tail trend as it plays to the sweet spot of our practice - delivering high intellect, formally trained growth strategists steeped in solving for a directional north and market leadership. There is, however, an interesting catch with this particular trend... Employers are seeking DEEP subject matter expertise in mobile and social. Deep subject matter expertise in executive search vernacular generally equates to years or repetitions. The dilemma is clear: How can you have years of experience with a relatively new area in media?

Frankly, employers are seeking answers to the ROI question. How do we harness and exploit this new frontier wrought by the new media? It's all about ROI in pursuing the agenda.

At Hammer Haley, we don't know where all of this is headed. However, our market connectivity puts us at the vortex of considerable consultant speak and sometimes original thinking. Through this education, our candidate assessment and opinions are formed.

We note with interest this article, "Social Strategies That Work," which appeared in the Harvard Business Review which discusses how businesses can use a social strategy to build customer relationships. Social Strategies that Work